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Achieving an opportunity is a challenging task. The amount of work that goes into it is beyond measure. Sports of any form require but blood, sweat, and tears. However, in the midst of this struggle, forgetting one crucial aspect will keep us from the road to glory.

Saturation level has a crucial role in everyone's mindset. There are two extremities of becoming a stagnant player:

"I just went blank" and "I had too many thoughts in my head."

All this is related to our mental and psychological stability.

Interestingly, researches have proven that people, who are calm during the chaos, achieve much more in their life than their contemporaries.

Through this series of blog, I will focus on this aspect and how you can improve at the same:

Note #1: Handling crunch situations

During crucial moments of a game, we start to overthink. It may be during the neck-to-neck fight for dominance or during the final moments of a game. There are two things to focus on during such scenarios:

  1. Your gut feeling
  2. Your confidence in your team

It is crucial to stay calm before taking an important decision. Take deep breaths or think about something that motivates you.

Note #2: Take control

If you are the in-game leader (IGL), it becomes paramount for you to take control of the situation. Always ensure that your teammates are on the same page. Always remember, that you have prepared for these situations ever since you started to compete professionally.

If you are not the IGL, keep communicating even when things are out of spiral out of control. Keep talking to each other and comprehend your team member's strategies. Only a team can win a team game.

Note #3 — Positive Mental Attitude

Individually, a person should always be in a positive frame of mind. No situation can ever be so grim, that making a comeback will be impossible. The ability to fight back, rather than backing out, defines the greatness of a gamer.

Belief in oneself and a mindset to improve will propel anyone to do better things. Definitely, with experience comes maturity and better decision-making. However, a positive attitude will provide an edge over other players. Even players better than you!

Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to post your opinions. Do stay tuned for my next article of this series!

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